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2 Simple Tips for Achieving Success

achieve your goals2 Simple Tips for Achieving Success (in anything you do)

Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, I remind myself to step back, slow down and look at the bigger picture. I have to remind myself that ‘success’ doesn’t necessarily come from inherent knowing, but a commitment to keep going until I’ve done what I set out to do.
Most of the time – people don’t become successful in what they do because they have the perfect solution. Most of the time they fail, over and over again! But instead of giving up, they take notes along the way, and use their failures as stepping stones to success.

I promise you – and that’s how confident I am bout saying this – I PROMISE YOU – if you show up everyday, and do a little something that contributes towards your goal; even if you get it wrong that day, and it feels like you’re heading backwards- that step was an integral part of the process; an invaluable learning curve that will help you to see a little bit clearer for the next step in your process.

The secret to success in anything you do is to:

  • a) show up, everyday, and do SOMETHING that contributes towards your goal; and
  • b) don’t give up!!! Don’t be deterred by perceived failures- they are part of the process; invaluable lessons!

A little bit, every day, over a long period of time, and you’ll get there- to where ever you’re heading!

Well wishes,


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