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My Health + Wellness Journey

My journey into health and wellness began from my own ongoing and worsening struggles as a teenager.

Having grown up as a gymnast, I was used to being fit, well and able. When my adolescent years hit (along with a myriad of personal life problems), my health and vitality started to deteriorate quite rapidly.

When I was 19 I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)- an apparently irreversible, unexplainable reproductive condition. The doctor confirmed I would find it very difficult to conceive, and if I did, the rate of miscarriage was apparently very high. As a young woman with my whole life ahead of me, this was heartbreaking and difficult to digest.

This unexpected and devastating news was a turning point in my life. Instead of admitting defeat, I saw my life ahead as an opportunity to grow, learn and find my own path. ‘Change’ was the only option.

Despite my good intentions, things got worse before they got better as I struggled to break free from bad habits and relationships.

At age 20 I was admitted to a mental health clinic, suffering from severe bulimia and self-harm. I spent a month there, undergoing multiple forms of therapy, as well as re-feeding, sleeping and recovering. It was during my time in hospital that I realised for my life to turn around, it was up to me to want to change, and to start takings steps towards making it happen.

I had a really strong attraction to the yoga lifestyle, so as soon as I got out into the world, Ayurveda was the first thing I added to my life. I didn’t know where it was going to take me, or how much it was going to change my life, but I followed my heart and have never looked back. Ayurveda helped me to restore balance in my mind and body, directed me towards my spiritual path, and helped me to build healthy relationships with others and myself.

After 10 years of practising natural health, I have been given the all clear from any signs of PCOS, am a happy mother of four beautiful children, and am grateful for the healthy, vibrant body I now inhabit.

Underneath all the external changes was a deep internal change – in my self-beliefs, my confidence, and my perception of my own self worth.

It was these inner changes that helped me to shift away from self-destruction and dis-respect, to self-acceptance and an appreciation for life in general.

My programs, products and services are my way of expressing my gratitude for my own health transformation, and all that I learned along the way. My approach to health blends concepts from the ancient tradition of Ayurveda with modern health and fitness developments to deliver guides that are practical, sensible and achievable. It is my hope that through my programs you too will be able to get started on your journey towards harmonious health and wellness.

Samantha Doyle
xo Samantha Doyle
Health & Wellness Coach
Mother of 4

Sami specialises in one-on-one and group coaching and is passionate about helping others reclaim their best state of health. Sami is a certified Wellness Coach with 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry. As a young mother of 4, Sami understands the limitations and constraints of everyday life and enjoys helping her clients find practical and maintainable solutions for reaching their goals.