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Functional Training

samantha rockwear model

Love this behind the scenes shot from a Rockwear shoot I helped out at the other day! The photographer kept saying “stop smiling”, “ok relax” “try and slouch more” -“I’m sorry you just look awkward! haha”
When I look at this image I’m like. WHAT. Why am I there. haha alongside models. After having four kids! 5 and a half months after a baby!! CRAZY! and how did this happen. !!?!

If anything, it’s a testimony to this way of life (as laid out in Your Ultimate Body Guide).

In relation to exercise- I just wanted to clarify, that the workout plan in the program is not hardcore. Yes it’s challenging, but it’s far from bodybuilder-shred-glutemaximising-ab’saplenty kind of workout plan. After reading all your comments about your thoughts on exercise the other day- I can see the majority of women feel like it’s a bit daunting, and a bit of a chore.

For years I used to train the same exercises over and over- some abs (well loads of abs actually haha), squats, pushups, heavy weights. I had a sore back ALL THE TIME. Tight traps. Tight shoulders. My muscles were always sore and tight. And I was always kind of foggy and fatigued. I took a step back from the whole ‘bodybuilder’ style training and looked into ‘functional training’. IT MADE SO MUCH SENSE! — training the body’s natural movement patterns in order to enhance strength and safety in our daily lives.

So I started training movement patterns instead of muscles. And boy did my body change. And boy did my health change! Finally I’d found a way to exercise and stay fit that ENHANCED my life, and toned and strengthened my body- without making me feel tired or overwhelmed.

The workouts in Your Ultimate Body Guide are all based on movement patterns FOR WOMEN- so you can strengthen those muscles you use to safely lift children, wet laundry, getting kids in and out of cars; plus teaching fitness classes,sitting at work all day, lifting bags of groceries- it’s the kind of fitness you need to be able to thrive in life, rather than cope.

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING SIDE EFFECTS: strong, defined abs, muscle tone, comfort, ease, graceful movement, better posture, improved sleep, improved endurance, better moods.

(I’m on a mission to help you feel more comfortable and positive about moving your body!)


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