How My Marriage Breakdown Helped Me Breakthrough


Hey Everyone 🙂 Just wanted to check in with all of you and see how you’re going? xx

About 5 years ago I went through a pretty tragic/devastating marriage breakdown that kind of catapulted me into a life on my own with 2 small kids, and another one on the way. I’ve never really talked about it much on social media because I’m not really sure why/how to talk about it a way that is of benefit to anyone. But anyway, here’s my first attempt! So bare with me and excuse any awkwardness :p

I guess one thing that became really apparent to me, and something that relates to health and what value it holds in my life, was how important it was to have healthy structure in my life. My routines and rituals got me through the hard times, so that I could stay on top of my health when it seemed the odds were against me. I had 2 babies, a new born and a 1 year old, and a just 3 year old in a small apartment. I was up and down through the night soooo much. And the stress of being the third wheel in my own marriage (to put it politely) was just so. much. to bare.

I was having bad day after bad day, till one day I stood in the living room like a zombie mama, watching the clock, watching the seconds tic by.
I broke down my mental angst into two options.

You can sink.
Or you can swim.

I was tired, drained, hurting and heart broken. But I did have a choice. To give up, or to pick up and get my life back on track.
I turned the kirtan up loud. Did a lap of the apartment. Put my crop top on and did a workout, through tears; through heavy gut wrenching sobs. I decided that no matter was going on, no matter how I felt, I was going to do stuff. I was 27, and I was going to start again. This would all pass. And I wasn’t going to allow myself to get swept away by it all.

My life is still pretty challenging in a positive way… I have 4 kids and run a biz, homeschool etc… but by living in harmony with the laws of material nature (Ayurveda and yoga-lifestyle), and by sticking to my daily rituals- exercise, yoga and meditation, good quality, balanced (not strict) nutrition, nurturing healthy relationships, service etc… i feel like these foundational activities have got me through everything, in a way that I can think clearly, make sound (no-reactive) decisions, build a community and a business, a new marriage… build a new life really.

It’s actually the SAME process that got me successfully through recovery. Pretty amazing, huh?

I guess that’s why I’m so, so passionate about giving it to others- healthy living has created such a huuuge impact on my life. And through coaching others and YUBG, I’ve seen it change the lives of so many other women for the better too. It’s just so exciting!

Healthy living is a gateway to living a life of growth and abundance! It’s so much more than workouts and losing weight!!! The challenges I went through helped me to get serious about my health so that I could cope with my stressful situation and still nurture my children. And then it became a means for developing my attitude- determination, commitment, focus…

We all have the same 24hrs in a day. We share many of the same pressures… and we can all choose to live a healthier life. I hope you will choose health in your own life- start small and gradually build on it. Changes take time, but the more you engage in new behaviours, the more they become an effortless part of your life 🙂

My mission, and what I hope to be our collective mission, is to help humanity heal in a way that promotes happiness, connectedness and heightened spiritual awareness.

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<3 Sami
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