How to Deal with Menstrual Cramps


So you’re on your period, eh? Finding it hard to deal with the one woe of womanhood because of the incessant cramping?

I feel you.

Now, don’t go guzzling buckets of Godiva chocolates and candy bars, even though that’s a quick fix to your body’s feelings of pain; it isn’t the right move, girl!

We naturally crave chocolate when we have our periods because cacao is high in magnesium– the mineral that helps with easing muscle cramping!

No wonder I’ve devoured an entire pack of Loving Earth chocolate today.

But I’ve got some easy home remedies that can cure those cramps without the sugars

  1. Improve your diet!

If you are suffering extreme/unbearable cramping, it’s an indication of “ama” within the body. Ama in Sanskrit means: uncooked/undigested. In Ayurveda it a term that describes the half digested, un-metabolised food products circulating in the body as toxins. Ayurveda has named such toxins as “Ama.”

Women are fortunate in that they can be using the monthly cycle as a window into the state of their health. If our cycle becomes overwhelming­– physically or emotionally– it’s an indication we need to do some work on detoxing and balancing our body.

Reducing fat and increasing vegetable intake is a good step to take, says an ob/gyn at UCLA Health and professor of ob/gyn at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine in Los Angeles. Maintaining a low-fat diet during your period decreases overall levels of inflammation.

Perfect time to do a detox!

And like I said before, add some magnesium to your diet, not in the form of chocolate: leafy greens, nuts, beans, bananas, fish and avocados, all have a high amount of magnesium.

  1. Exercise

Yep. Even though you may not want to, exercise is a great way to stop cramping. Hormone-like substances, called prostaglandins, which are involved in pain and inflammation, trigger muscle contractions in the uterus. When we exercise, our endorphins combat these prostaglandins and our body pumps more blood, reducing our cramps.

  1. Got a heating pad?

Number three is heat! Heat is a great remedy if you’re saying to yourself “no way. I do not feel like running or doing an exercise video right now.”

Instead, take a heating pad or something like it, and apply it to the area in pain. This helps relax the muscles that are contracting in your uterus!

  1. Open your spice/herb cabinet.

There are many home remedies using spices and herbs: ginger, basil, cinnamon, fennel and chamomile.

Literally add any one of these to a cup of boiling water and drink it.

These herbs and spices have anti-inflammatory, pain-killing, fatigue fighting and relaxing properties.

Have your own home remedies?? Send them to me on Facebook and comment on the article! We’ll add a follow-up blog with your home remedies!

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