kids yoga workshop

Kids Yoga Workshop 27.2.2016

kids yoga workshop

I absolutely LOVE the concept of teaching kids how to live the yoga lifestyle from a young age. As life gets busier, and technology becomes more a part of ‘us’, now, more than ever, we need to be teaching our younger generations skills to help them set personal boundaries, know self control, and above all else, know where real, lasting happiness lies.

February 27th I’ll be hosting a kids yoga workshop at The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga, Nobby’s Beach. It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce your child the magic of yoga.

They’ll have the opportunity to experience everything you’d expect from a regular yoga class, delivered in a fun, age appropriate manner! Playful asanas and deep breathing; practical meditation techniques and how to apply them; and the sharing of thought provoking stories.

The workshop will end with mandala crafting and a healthy afternoon tea with plenty of time to make new friends in a wholesome, non-competitive environment.

Some benefits of yoga for children include:

• develops flexibility, cardio and strength
• develops listening skills
• calms and quiets the mind
• promotes sound sleep
• promotes cell detoxification
• improves concentration
• offers children an inner sense of satisfaction
• lays the foundation for a lifetime wellness
• reconnects children with their inner world

Bookings Essential!

February 27th 2016
$20 ($10 for additional children after the first booking)

Where: Gold Coast ASMY,
Address: Australian School of Meditation and Yoga Gold Coast: 2241 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach shops.
Phone: 0405 910 345

I hope to see you and your kids there!

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