Stay Balanced Over Christmas With These Simple Ayurvedic Tips

happy saint patrick's day

Do you LOVE decadent Christmas lunches and staying out late in the warm, balmy summer nights?

…But then dread that awful feeling of being totally out of balanced for a week or so, only to then declare your new years resolutions of ‘moderation’ and ‘vibrant healthy living’, purely from the guilt and frustration of overdoing it at Christmas?

I think we’re all guilty of going for it with sensory pleasures over the Christmas season. If only there was a way that we could ‘have our cake and eat it too’- to be able to indulge in the brunches, lunches and Christmas puddings, without overwhelming our bodies!

Thank goodness THERE IS a way we can STAY happy, healthy and vibrant while we enjoy all the festivities of Christmas. And to quote author of ‘the slight edge’, Jeff Olsen, staying balanced is “easy to do, and easy not to do.”

The simple key to staying balanced throughout the festive season is MODERATION.

Sounds easy, right? You knew that already, right?
Good! It makes sense.
So here are a few tips to help you implement moderation in the context of Christmas:

  1. Eat in moderation: not too much, not too little. An easy way to manage this is with the Ayurvedic rule of thumb for portion sizes: you simply cup your too hands together and the amount that you can hold in your hands is an appropriate amount for your meal. Remember to leave a little room for dessert!
    Another way to gauge how much is enough, is to leave one third of your stomach empty – this means signing off on your meal *before* you feel full. This will allow for proper digestion as it gives your belly plenty of room to move the digestive acids through your food and leaves room for vata to assist in moving everything through efficiently.
  2. Lemon water and exercise in the morning: Try committing to a morning routine that involves a squeeze of lemon in water, followed by some sort of exercise. This will assist with the process of elimination which will help you feel less bloated after a day of festive foods.
  3. Sleep: Try to stick to your regular sleeping pattern. It may be tempting to want to stay up late and sleep in, but this can throw your body out by upsetting it’s natural circadian rhythms. If you do need to catch up on sleep after a busy year, try going to bed earlier to get those extra ZZZ’s. This will help you to wake up fresh and won’t disrupt your body’s metabolism and natural, optimal waking time.
  4. Don’t stress about it: no use stressing over a little extra soda or a palm full of pretzels more than you should. A positive attitude allows for a clearer decision making process, and won’t get you hooked into the ‘guilt’ of indulging. Plus if you follow steps 1-4, there’s no reason to feel guilty! So kick back and enjoy sharing the spirit of Christmas with your loved ones. It’s only a short period of time, so don’t let your mind ruin it with food related anxieties.
  5. Stay on top of your meditation practices: This will help to moderate your mind and balance out the sometimes overwhelming excitement of socialising throughout the Christmas period.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe a balanced, holiday period!!

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