The Dirty ‘D’ Word


Hanging out with Nicole, Director of Brisbane Yoga Expo and Yogafest.

Saturday was a great day.
I woke up early, trained, taught a class.

Spent the morning with the family then head up to Brisbane to teach a Core Flow workshop at Brisbane Yoga Expo. Such a great day, fun class, ran into friends, and ended up catching up with Colin, founder/editor of Australian Yoga Life magazine.

We got chatting about running the magazine, which lead to the beauty of running a *yoga lifestyle* magazine, and ended up in a mind blowing passionate conversation about the state of the world today.

Where ‘no’ means ‘Maybe I will, maybe I wont’
And discipline is a dirty word. We’re no longer disciplining our children (well it’s not socially acceptable anyway); and we’re no longer disciplining our selves.

We want the youth of today to ‘get off their phones’, but we don’t seek to understand why they are on their phones – the fact is, they don’t know what it’s like to be without one.

Our parents experienced life without computers at home; mobile phones; smart phones; and social media.
We (us 30 somethings) experienced life before smart phones. Before social media, when socialising involved calling someone and asking to hang out, in person, and making arrangements to make it happen, and sticking to it. Because hey, if you decided to bail last minute, there was no way of telling that person (no mobile phones) – so you had to face up to standing someone up.

Things have changes so much over the last decade.
At 30 years old, I feel it’s a blessing to have seen both sides – with smart phones and social media, and without.
If you’re like me and lived before socialising became digital, you’ll know what I’m talking about.
About having something to go back to.
Time to read.
Time to go for walks or be creative.
An innate knowing that your phone isn’t everything, and that people can wait. And that friendships don’t rely on immediate and constant conversations about your random thoughts and moments about what you ate or what you wore throughout the day.
No constant comparing.

My heart goes out to the youth of today, who have be born into an age of digital relationships; of instant gratification; and have no sense of self, no awareness of leadership, and seemingly no one to show them the way.

I’d just like to point out that these kids don’t know any other way.

So it becomes our responsibility as elders. We have to wake them up to real life. Wake them up to who they are, and what really matters.

It’s up to us. It’s not their fault if they don’t know any better. Are we just going to leave them in the battlefield to bleed?

Like any child, they are craving boundaries. Discipline. Guidance.

The yoga lifestyle has always been founded in self-discipline… I’m not sure why *Discipline* has become a dirty word.

Let’s do our kids a favour and tell them to put down the damn phone.
Give them the opportunity to be themselves – free from the pressure that the digital world brings.
Set some boundaries for them and they’ll be thanking you later (and so will our society).