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Why Drinking Green Tea Should Be a Prioro-tea!

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Recently, after randomly finding a box of green tea in my closet at home, I’ve begun a little tea journey. A journ-tea some might say…

That’s the last tea pun I’ll make. I know you can’t take it anymore.

Ok, that was the last one. Back to the story.

Because I stumbled on this box, I couldn’t let my little find go to waste, so I switched out all of my usual coffees for green teas (hot or iced) and have been, to my surprise, feeling a bit more energised. Awake. And happy.

To check on my health and ask a few questions, I turned to the number one guru herself: Google.

What’s all this fuss about green tea you say?!

Well, like I said. I’ve been feeling more energised, awake and happy, which I thought were side effects of the switch, and it came as no surprise that I was right.

Benefit #1, 2 and 3: The obvious one is that green tea contains caffeine. But! Doesn’t make you “jittery,” or “speedy.” It’s a much milder caffeination (due to something I’ll discuss a little later) So it keeps your “lively,” “caffeinated” self stable throughout the day without getting rid of its mind-energising features.

That’s not it though!

Number 2 is for the awakeness, which coincides with what I just mentioned, plus having a little something to do with my concentration and alertness. Caffeine helps with your ability to be on the lookout for danger and improves memory and reaction time.

Well if I can get all of these benefits from caffeine, why can’t I just drink my coffee then?

Hold on, girlfriend (boyfriend…) Let me explain why green tea is the queen bee. Why you may consider trying something a little different.

Green tea makes you happy!

The beneficial beverage I’ve been talking about contains the amino acid L-theanine. And actually, the only other food source that this specific amino acid appears, or resides, is in mushrooms.

What makes this amino acid so special?

L-theanine is able to cross the blood-brain barrier.

If we think of this barrier as a little guard tower for nutrients, gases, etc flowing through our blood headed toward our brain, we’ll notice that not much really gets through. These blood guards have some pretty high standards when it comes to allowing things to get up to their boss: aka your brain.

But L-theanine is cool. An aid to the brain. Improving neural function and allowed to cross through the gate and up to the brain!

Yay L-theanine!

But now that you’re up there, what do you do for me?

Like I said before, green tea makes you happy! And this little known amino acid gets up there and increases dopamine (our pleasure centre) and the production of alpha waves in your brain!

Alpha waves are responsible for creative thinking and reducing depressive symptoms. And not only does L-theanine do that for us, but it suppresses glucocorticoids: stress hormones.

Oh Green Tea, the things I could say about you!

That’s only a couple of the amazing benefits!

Go anywhere. Click any site. Ask any nutritionist, scientist, doctor or psychologist, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: Green tea is awesome for you.

Not only does it do all that I just told you, but it helps with increasing your metabolism, burning fat, reducing cancer and diabetes risks, improving dental health, lowering risk of infection, helping you live longer…

and is basically the greatest tea on the planet.

Grab yourself a cup, ladies and gents. And prepared to get benefited.